Hi everyone in ZRX Land! I’m Pete “KWICK” Aronson.

ExpensiveLightweightStuff.com is, and always will be, the same as it has been since the beginning. No middlemen. Manufacturer to customer direct. I make almost everything in-house and my products are quite unique.

My website was created on a Mac thru iWeb. My sister, who invented the Internet, gave me a Mac for Christmas about ten years ago. So, I learned Mac and all was good. Well, Apple has discontinued iWeb support a couple-three years ago and they are changing from 32 to 64 this month and all the iWeb content will be frozen in time, so to speak. Basically, I will have no control of it from the next update on.

My neighbor is an Internet Guru and owns a server company. He set me up with WordPress and the basics. My good friend from the Late TechShop, Dave Kern, and I have been working the last couple weeks on getting it set up they way I want. I just have to finish filling in the tech content. There are no full-time staffers doing this 🙂

The shopping cart shipping will take a little tweaking, in the meantime I will refund any excess shipping charges. The best part: A REAL Search Feature!! And, individual small parts pricing and ordering. Also, my new site is secure with “https://” stuff and whatnot.

As always, you can call me anytime for assistance, product info, questions on the meaning of life….my cell phone is 602-397-4869. If I’m awake, I will answer. My email: Pete@Hyper-Formance.com

Gallery is up, with captions even! https://www.kwick.biz/gallery/


Pete “KWICK” Aronson
www.KWICK.biz (shortcut, less typing 🙂
315 West Elliot Road
Suites 107-487
Tempe, AZ 85284


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