Hi everyone in ZRX Land! I’m Pete “KWICK” Aronson.

I have been manufacturing and selling ZRX parts since 2005? Nineteen years!

ExpensiveLightweightStuff.com is, and always will be, the same as it has been since the beginning. No middlemen. Manufacturer to customer direct. I make almost everything in-house and my products are quite unique.

I’ll start out the new year with new products.

I have built a real CNC Router that will mill aluminum with ease. First off the CNC is a ZX9 Instrument Bracket.

I have three new Resin 3D Printers that amaze me with each part I create with them….filament printing is still required for high stress, high heat parts, but Resin is the future! Most boxed orders will get a KWICK Thumb Driver free made on the Resin Printer.

I used a Vapor Blaster on a KWICK Change Tool Post set I milled recently at my friend Shortblock Charlie’s shop. Incredible the finish it gives to metal. Much better than ceramic tumbling for days and days. I will own one later this month, watch out for new products made and/or enhanced with it.

I am making more new products for the Hobby Machinist, check out my sister site www.MiniMillAndLatheStuff.com If you are in to cutting, bending and Lazzzer’n.

Don’t forget my Emergency 10mm Socket for Gift Giving: www.BetterThenPetRock.com

As always, you can call me anytime for assistance, product info, questions on the meaning of life….Anyway I will be spending less time on the ZRXOA and the web in general as there are many things going on in our lives and there is only one of me. Two ways you can always reach me: my cell phone is 602-397-4869. If I’m awake and not on the phone with another gearhead, I will answer, or leave a message. My email: Pete@Hyper-Formance.com

Gallery is up, with captions even! https://www.kwick.biz/gallery/


Pete “KWICK” Aronson
www.KWICK.biz (shortcut, less typing 🙂
315 West Elliot Road
Suites 107-487
Tempe, AZ 85284

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