LazzzerAlign Lazzzer Laser Chain Alignment Tool



Years ago there was a guy that produced a similar Chain and sprocket alignment tool. It was made out of a urethane cast resin of some sort. The company is long out of business. I had one and Resin 3D Printers had just come out mainstream and I worked on an off creating my 3D Resin printed version. Ease of alignment and variance of lasers took a while to overcome, but I kept after it and this tool is dialed in.

THE Chain Alignment Tool! This tool is for those of you who modify bikes and swap wheels/swingarms/sprockets/motors/transmissions and/or crash occasionally. Say you put a wheel off another model/brand bike. You get the rims aligned but are not sure about the chain and sprockets alignment. THIS is THE tool for you!

Example: I have a ZX7R Dymag wheel off an old racebike. I run a 520 chain and the rear sprocket bolts to the not normal side of the cush drive. This tool was perfect to create the spacer size for the front sprocket to get everything aligned properly. 

I call it the and Cat Nuisance 🙂

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