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Öhlins and 1997-2003 ZRX Fork Cap Wrench

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So, I have these trick Öhlins forks and there seems to be no special tool to remove the top cap.

My Lazzzer dude was dropping off a batch of advancers and stuff and, well we were chatting, he took some measurements and the next day he brought me them all finished.

This is a service tool to take your Öhlins and/or stock forks apart. It really is not for servicing the forks in the bike.

If you decide you do want to service them in the bike, the top cap will not come off unless you loosen the upper triple clamp bolts first.

Loosen the fork bolts, slide each leg down so the top is in between the triples, tighten the lower triple, wrap a rag around the wrench (so you can use more torque) and loosen. Easy-Peasy.

One end fits ZRX Ohlins, the other 97-03 27mm fork cap, 12″ long overall.

They are made from 0.060″ “Full Hard” Series 400 magnetic stainless…incredibly strong, it’ll never wear out.

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