Foreign Shipping and the Messed Up World

The package is shipped to the port to be exported, and is bulk shipped to foreign destinations. When it arrives in Customs it is labeled, shipped…and sometimes scanned. There is no scan while in transit. 

In this weird time of the world, packages take to 2 to 10 weeks, sometimes longer. Out of country scanning is not as good as it should be. Packages often sit at YOUR post office waiting for Duty/Taxes/Customs fees to be paid. 

The package will get returned after two weeks via slow boat to me. 
What you need to do, is go IN PERSON to check and see if it is waiting. 
Calling will do ZERO good as they are looking at the same screen as us. 
You would not believe how often this happens. 
I’ll let you know if your package comes back to me. 
There is no one to call, and I would recommend going to YOUR post office from time to time and seeing if it is waiting for you to pay Customs/Duty/Taxes. I get a lot of parcels back. If you call, they are looking at the same screen as you and will not know. You have to go in person. 
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