3.0 Big Ass Storage Box


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Big Ass 3.0 Storage Box

The PERFECT Place to Dump Your Crap!

Previously created by  ZRXOA member, and have been out of production for several years now. I have taken his idea and added some improvements.

First off I used weld nuts for the battery hold down bracket. Previously you had the disassemble half the bike to get to the back side of the bolts.

In the top picture, I have added two additional holes, and corresponding weld nuts, to accommodate  a LFX18A1-BS12 Shorai battery. This lowers the weight and increases the storage capacity. (the stock battery, of course, fits)

I also created a space in the retaining bracket to enable one to plug in the Shorai charger lead if one chooses to do so.

Instead of Delrin spacers that collapsed in heat in the past, I have made and supplied aluminum ones. When you torque the bolts to the breather cover, they will stay tight.

My BASB’s are made from 20 gauge #304 “brushed” stainless steel .

Comes with all needed hardware to install. You’ll need to cut the front edge off the stock plastic storage box, template is included.

I created, and manufactured, this entire project.

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