KWICK Rad Radiator



Sorry guys, the price has gone up on my radiators, Ron Davis just raised the price again on 9/13/22 🙁

Call for current price and lead time.

Aluminum and labor is thru the roof.

Tealdo’s Radiators are now called KWICK’s Rad Radiators.

These were originally a joint venture with Tealdo and myself. Tealdo has closed up shop and is teaching advanced rider schools now with Lee Parks and Team Arizona.

These are made by Nascar Sprint Cup and Sprint Car radiator builder Ron Davis Radiators right here in Phoenix Arizona. What better climate to test and manufacturer radiators?

These are really stout, and have been improved over the years Tealdo had been selling them to the incredible strength they are now. They have approximately 25% greater cooling capacity at peak load. BTW, I was running the very first prototype one on Calista until recently.

These work with the stock ZRX Radiator Shrouds, or my ELS Radiator Brackets.

Production time is currently 2 to 9 weeks.


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Weight 9 lbs
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