The Straightenators!

It has it’s roots back in the days of roadracing R5/RD350’s and other two strokes with K&N filters…..A friend made my prototype for me almost a decade ago and it made about two-three more hp on the dyno, and worked sweet at speed. It has been installed on Calista for all these years.

Now, I have an economical way to produce a production version.

Of course, there will be those who say pfhtt!  But it has been proven in the days before airboxes. And, it was hidden, so you had to figger out why your buddy was kicking yer ass on the straights…

Anywho, I make them for Rubber-Backed K&N Pods, Chrome-Backed K&Ns, the K&N 2.5 Filter, GROM filter, KZ1000 K&N Pods, etc. Call or email to order.

Set of four is $35.00. The 2.5 single Straightenator is $20.00. When ordering, PLEASE SPECIFY WHICH FILTER YOU HAVE or I’ll have to email you back and forth 🙂

Additional information

Weight .6 lbs

3.0 Rubber, 3.0 Chrome, 2.5, Grom

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