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***These take 2-5 weeks to produce currently***

The KWICK Stand is Here!

The new KWICK Stand is a tapered tubular steel kickstand for your ZRX. It is stronger than stock and weighs 12.5 ounces compared to the stocker’s 21.8 ounces, a 9.3 ounce savings!

That’s 42% Lighter!

When up, this stand tucks up a bunch tighter to the swingarm and looks how Kawasaki should have made it.

The KWICK Stand uses the stock bolt, nut & spring.

Baked gloss black fuel & brake fluid resistant enamel. Very durable!

No more bent stands. Tucks up nicer for rearset usage. Looks great, less weight!

These were made from a new factory kickstand, but they have been discontinued. I am making them with used kickstands now. I have to order/inspect used stands, prep and modify, and it takes a while longer now.

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Weight 2.1 lbs
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