Öhlins Dual Shock Disassembly Tool Set


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Öhlins Shock Tool Set & Manual

I now manufacture the complete tool set to reseal Öhlins dual shocks with 14mm shafts for the ZRX.

Clockwise from the top:

  1. 14mm Magnetic Soft Jaw set for bench vise to hold the shafts damage-free

  2. Oil “Moat”, to lessen the mess:-)

  3. Nitrogen cap removal tool

  4. Nitrogen piston removal/depth tool

  5. Circlip removal tool

  6. Seal Head compressor tool

These tools are all 3D Printed in resiliant and very durable PETG plastic. They have been tested by me on multiple shock reseals and they work excellent, and are a fraction of the price of  Öhlins factory tools.

PDF file of the Öhlins Factory Shop Manual, which according to Öhlins does NOT exist, is included.

Four shock shaft seals are included with each kit. Additional seals are available for $8.00/pair.

Very Good How-To Pictorial Here

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Weight 2 lbs
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