Öhlins Shock Reseal Service at ELS!


** Sorry guys, I’m on shock sabbatical currently. I am just flat out of time, there are only 8or 9 days in the week 🙂

Öhlins Shock Reseal Service at ELS!

I am now equipped to reseal the Öhlins shocks for your ZRX. I will not be revalving, but I can service them, change the oil and replace the

X-Ring seal that often drools, polish the shafts and recharge them with Nitrogen.

I also will be manufacturing a full set of shock service tools soon…but, I will not be offering technical assistance for do-it-yourselfers. It is too complex to teach over the phone. I can instruct you in person, for a price, if you want to make the trek with your shocks to Arizona, aka: Hell.

Again, I will be offering shock servicing, but not complete overhauls, nor crash repair, nor refinishing the plating/anodizing. And, I will only service ZRX-specific Öhlins shocks, no others.

It will come with a 90 warranty on the shaft seals. Shipping for a warranty reseal will be at your expense….I cannot put them on a shock dyno and run them for a few hours to test for longevity 🙂

Additional parts and/or service will be additional, and time for ordering parts will be needed. Again, I will be doing BASIC Öhlins service. Call before shipping your shocks.

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