ZRX/ZX11/ZL900/ZL1000/GPz1100 Cam Degreeing Tool Set



I’ve wanted to produce a ZRX-Specific cam degreeing kit for quite some time now. Dale Walker used to sell a generic kit, but over the years of using it I made ZRX-specific pieces to add to it.

  1. First off, the degree wheel on bikes is mounted on the left or right and that can get confusing. My degree wheel is numbered for the left end of the crank.

  1. Second, it’s hard to mount a magnetic indicator base to an aluminum cylinder head, so, I produced a thick steel plate that mounts to four of the cam cap bolts.

  2. Third, the cam is directly over the valve and it’s hard to get the dial indicator in a good position. I have sourced a set of dial indicator tips to allow a better angle of attack.

  3. Fourth, the printing and size of most degree wheels makes it very hard the see exactly where the pointer is so I make a larger degree wheel with Lasered letters/numbers that are very crisp. And, the center hole is 8mm for the included bolt, nuts and washer to center the degree wheel…most are 7/8” and you have jury-rig washers and try to center it.

  4. Fifth, I offer an optional digital indicator so you don’t have to use the small counter to get to the right spot.

  5. Sixth, most TDC Finders seal in the head and make it hard to precisely rotate the motor. I have machined a vent in mine.

  6. I include a reprint of an old SportRider Magazine pair of articles on how to degree cams…the best I have found….that makes it easy and understandable.

  7. I laser’d the Yoshimura cam specs on the degree wheel…because I could…and you can see the opening and closing so it’s understandable.

  8. I machine the 10mm piston stop/TDC finder and steel base myself.

Various hardware is included, but not shown in picture.

Content brands may change over time to get the best pricing possible.

Slotted Cam Sprockets Are Available!!




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Weight 2.5 lbs
Dial Indicator

Analog, Digital

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