Petcock O-Ring Replacement How-To

The Dripping PetCock!

Ahh yes, you go out to start your ZRX and it won’t turn over.

You find your crankcase has gas in it and you ask: “Why?”

The green arrow points at the problem…Part #92055-1649, the o-ring to shut off fuel flow in the pet cock when the motor’s off.

This o-ring really needs to be replaced once every 7500 miles, or once a year, whichever comes first.

This is REAL important if you tow your bike a lot.

Tip your tank so the petcock is up, remove the 5 Phillips head screws, & replace the o-ring, reinstall parts per the picture & screws.

Be sure to inspect the o-ring seat for corrosion &/or wear, see the lower picture.

Remove the spark plugs, REMOVE THE ELECTRIC POWER LEADS FROM THE COILS!! Put a rag over the head and spin the motor to get the gas out of the cylinders.

Change the oil & filter to get the fuel out of the crankcase. If it was REAL full of gas, run it for five minutes and change the oil a second time.

Sometimes the carb float needle(s) is(are) messed up or the pet cock is too worn also, but 80-90% of the time, the o-ring does the job.

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