JE Pistons & Cometic Gaskets


In my opinion, flat-out the best pistons to run basically forever. Turbo guys aside, the JE piston is pretty bullet-proof.

I offer the ZRX1224 12.5:1, ZRX 1200 stock bore 12.5:1, and ZRX1109 12:1 pistons.

I recommend Millennium to bore and replate the 1200 blocks for the 1224 set They can also fix damage often.

The 1109 kit I can have bored locally by Shortblock Charlie for $375.00 plus shipping if you don’t have someone in your local area.

I also can supply Cometic 1109 and 1224 gaskets.

Piston kits include:
4 sets of rings..MUST be sized
4 Pistons
4 Wrist Pins
8 Wrist Pin Circlips

Pistons are drop-shipped direct from JE in Ohio.

Additional information

JE Pistons

ZRX1224, ZRX1200 Stock Bore, ZRX1109, Cometic 1224 Headgasket, Cometic 1109 Headgasket

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