KWICK Brake Caliper Piston Pliers


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Ever try to get caliper pistons out when trying to rebuild your calipers?

Ever get the first one out, with brake fluid all over the place, and realize it’s firmly implanted in your forehead and that you need to call 911?? It really can be hazardous.

After the hospital stitches you back together, you realize you have eleven pistons still stuck in your caliper halves….

Removing the pistons from the outside with normal pliers will result in burrs around the outside that will ruin your brand new seal kit.

Well KWICK-Kal is the solution:

Internal-Expanding ADJUSTABLE Caliper Piston Pliers!

That’s right! Never fight those $%#@&* caliper pistons again!

Save yourself hours of time and mess! Once you have your halves separated, you can remove a complete set of 12 ZRX caliper pistons in under ten minutes with these pliers…true story…

These pliers are based on a Patented reverse ViceGrip-style plier, and expand rather than contract. Precision machined to fit the ZRX calipers and most other calipers. The ZRX pistons are quite small, so these pliers will fit just about any caliper. If you have a large piston, like in a car caliper, you can make a shim out of sprinkler tubing to adapt them to almost anything.


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