Lazzzer-Cut Kawasaki ZRX Clutch Slave Cylinder Heat Insulator/Spacer



Made of Delrin 150, lazzzzer cut, I hate to say this because some one will be able to do it…they are UNBREAKABLE!!

Kawasaki made them from plastic for a reason. The slave reacts different under high heat vs cooler. Otherwise they just would have simply changed stack height by making the clutch pushrod 0.125″ shorter and left it out rather than put one in every bike with the ZRX-type motor.

Kawasaki retail price for the stock insulator, part number 92026-1263, is $13.94

Cheaper than the competition, unbreakable, functions the same as the stock spacer, keeps your Slave Kooler, they have indexing to make them always easy to install correctly, Lighter than aluminum…and..Lazzzzer-Cut, what’s not to like?

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Weight .01 lbs
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