Titanium Case Guard


Titanium Caseguard

***No Longer Available***

Made of the finest 0.125″ thick 6AL-4V Titanium,
Waterjet cut!

A Lightweight Bauble that will save you 15.6 Grams!

These go around your countershaft sprocket and protect the engine in case of a loose, or broken, chain….I know some of you were scratching your noggin at the pics.

These work best when used with an open-style sprocket cover, but are effective in the “Stealth Weightloss” arena also.

Achieve an even greater weight savings with Ti mounting hardware.

WARNING: ELS Products MAY CONTAIN, or be Made With, Patented Parts, Tools, Components and/or Apparati. Manufacturing Facility DOES Contain Nuts.


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Weight .3 lbs
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