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Tach-y Tach Signal Generator Tach Calibration Tool

I’ve been working on this project for about three years. There are many variables I had to conquer. First, purchasing a professional oscilloscope was not in the budget. It had to be simple enough to use that one would not need to read a 400 page manual. It needed to be extremely inexpensive so guys would put one in their tool box just because they might use it someday. It had to be easy to assemble as there are not enough hours in the day as it is. A 3D Printed housing was a must. It needed to be small and cheap to ship.

Well, through a series of friends, many hours at TechShop and in my shop, I have come up with THE answer!

Attach the Tach-y Tach to the tach BEFORE you remove the needle. The generator is only between 8,500 to 9,500 rpm. Each one, and each tach, will read slightly different. Make a note of what you tach reads with a new 9 volt battery. The generator must have the battery removed when not in use as it only has about an hour of run time. Tach does not respond? Install a new battery.

Remove the needle with two teaspoons pivoting on the screws holding the face on.

It will come with a small vial of Kano Kroil. Use VERY sparingly only one to two drops in the tach hole the needle goes into.

To install the needle, attach the Tach-y Tach then insert the needle at the rpm you made a note of. Do not insert too far.

Connect/disconnect the Tach-y Tach and watch the needle move. It should be smooth. If not, adjust it up/down in the tach until it is.

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