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The new TITANIUM KWICK Key is here!

Real 6AL-4V Aircraft Grade Titanium…Be the first on your block!
Have the lightest Kawasaki key on the planet. Stock is 12.6 grams, Ti is 4.6 grams! Save over 63% in one of the BEST places to do it: up high!

There are two finishes available, both are Glassbeaded, one is plain Ti finish, the other is Blued randomly with a torch. Both look incredible!

Ship your key (the better shape it’s in, the better the cut) to:
315 West Elliot Road
Suites 107-487
Tempe, AZ 85284

PLEASE ship your stock key(s) in a BOX! The Post Office strips the key out of envelopes and they wind up on the floor and I get an empty envelope delivered. Be sure to enclose your return address, your email (I’ll send you tracking info), and payment or payment info and which style key(s) you would like.

I will gladly ship blank keys to you, but be warned, most Locksmiths will be very leery of cutting a Titanium key. It takes about three passes and then you have to hand-file the burrs off…the brush won’t budge Ti  burrs 🙂  It will not hurt their key cutter, but most will say “No way!” to you.

A side benefit to the KWICK Key: Ever walk into a ZRX with the key sticking out of the seat lock? Remember how easy they bent over and/or broke off? The KWICK Key will withstand over five times the bending force that the stock key will.

These Ti Keys have an incredible “WOW! factor” from those who fondle one 🙂

Video of my friend Shah and I machining the blanks on the TechShop Tormach CNC Mill:



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