ZRX/ZX11/ZX7 Carb Disassembly, Cleaning & Reassembly


Carb Disassembly, Cleaning & Reassembly at www.VenturiCity.com

For ZRXs. Carb set gets disassembled down to the last piece, carbs are soaked in carb dip, all passages cleaned, new o-rings installed and reassembled.

Usually three to eight working day turnaround, but sometimes a bit longer depending on seasonal demand 🙂

Labor is $185.00, plus $35.00 shipping via UPS.

Any other parts required are extra. Float Bowl o-rings seem to have started needing replacement on about 95% of the carbs I do, they are $14.50 each, four are required. Carb O-Ring set is $22.00. Your carbs will need to be synched when reinstalled.



If your carbs look like the ones below on the inside, outside or both, expect to pay a surcharge of $25 to $100 to clean them. The ZRX is becoming a vintage bike and some serious neglect has been showing up.

The above two took way over twice as long to go thru.

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