K&N Pod Side Cover Bracket Set


**Sorry, currently out of stock. I’ll have them back in August 🙂

Ever leave your Pod-Equipped bike outside in a torrential downpour?

Ever see what a Haboob can do to your freshly cleaned & oiled pods?

Ever ride across Utah with a 60 mph sidewind the whole way?

Some love the look of K&N Pod airfilters and I’ll never be able to convince them otherwise. I understand. Sometimes for a month or three a year, my brackets may make sense to them. These are stainless steel brackets with aluminum nutserts.  You use them to hold your stock airbox covers. Once the brackets are installed, it only takes a few minutes to remove or reinstall the covers. You can leave the upper bracket in place…it’s pretty much invisible

when it’s not being used.

All necessary hardware in included, you just add your stock airbox covers and drill four 1/4” holes in the plastic…templates are included. Fits all years ZRX1100 or ZRX1200R, California, Federal or Foreign Market.

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