KWICK Douche’ Fuel Tank Cleaning Block-Off Plate Kit



Yup, you know who you are. Don’t ride your ZRX for months or years at a time? Your carbs are crusty and your fuel tank is also. After you get your carbs rebuilt at you then need to clean your fuel tank, Instructions Here . My KWICK Douche’ Block Off Plate Kit makes it easier and also is much better than Duck (Duct) Tape to seal the tank when applying a coat of Bill Hirsch’s Tank Repair Kit .

Comes with Three Gaskets, Two Nylon bolt washers and Three Lazzzer-cut Delrin block-off plates:
One for the Petcock
One for the ZRX1100 Fuel Sender 
One for the ZRX1200R Fuel Sender

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Weight .2 lbs
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