WORLD’s Lightest Manual PetCock for the ZRX


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Stock 280 grams

The ELS Blued-Titanium-faced Pet Cock 74 grams!

That’s a weight savings of almost a half a pound!

It’s a manual pet cock, you need to turn it off each time you turn your bike off. But, if you are diligent, no more worries about gas in your crankcase!

The face is laser cut from 0.050 thick 6al4v Titanium plate, Blues with a black Laser-applied ELS logo.

On “On” and “Reserve” positions, these flow more than the stock valve. And compared to the Prime position on the stock valve, mine flows at least as much fuel.

Works GREAT with FlatSlide carbs and with Turbos. Has a 3/8″, or 10mm, outlet to mate with the stock fuel line.

The ELS Petcock is a direct bolt-on, no adapters needed.

These aren’t for everyone, but it’s one trick piece!

Rebuild kits are rarely needed, but I stock them, $8.50 each.

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Weight .4 lbs
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