KWICK Slip Slipper Clutch



ZRX Slipper Clutch

The real thing! A slipper clutch based on the ZX7R Factory one. A mix of used parts, new Kawasaki parts and new ZX7R “Race Kit” parts. Very easy to install. The Japanese racers claim this setup will hold 170+ hp. See the reviews on the Owners’ Forum.

If you do track days, or ride aggressively on the street, you need one of these. This type clutch is even used in the Voyager & Concours…you don’t have to be a racer. Even the Ninja 250 has one!

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All parts needed for install are included, except for a clutch cover gasket. You reuse 4 of your clutch steels and all your fibers.

I recommend only using stock Kawasaki fiber plates.

A 36mm socket is required for install.
My install notes and phone installation help are included.


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Weight 4 lbs
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