KWICK’s Rad Radiator Bracket Set



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  If you choose not to run the factory Radiator Shrouds, you will find that some of the brackets out there, or if you choose to just let “it hang”, will often times accelerate the the probability of your radiator’s early demise. The most common place leakage starts is were the top rail meets the tank. Not securely locating the radiator is not good.

    A good, secure mount set, which stabilizes the radiator and takes some of the load off the top rail is needed.

    I have designed just that mount. Each side is a four piece setup made completely of stainless steel. The pieces are all laser cut, and are brused stainless finished. You can paint or powdercoat the piece(s) if you choose. All stock hardware is reused.

    My brackets not only hold the radiator secure from up and down movement, but also securely holds it from side to side.   And, they are Vewry, Vewry light…

    This is now the recommended mount set for the KWICK Rad Radiator if you are not running the stock shrouds. Fits stock radiators perfectly also!


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