Yoshimura-Spec Camshafts



Yoshimura-Spec Hardweld Cams

     A ELS Exclusive! Factory Yosh cams are not available in the US any longer, so I had masters of my ST-1 Yosh cams made. I have your cam cores hardwelded and reground to Yosh specs.

     Hardweld cams do not have the pitting issues that cast cams, like ZX11/ZZR1200, do, but they do need high Zinc and Phosphorous 20W50 Synthetic motor oil.

     These are generally good for 5-8 horsepower more than ZX11/ZZR1200 cams and they give equally good low-end power. There’s no low-end loss I’ve ever felt. You’ll like ‘em!

     These cams are $1,156.00 exchange as of 7/2023. Call for current pricing as the World is quite a mess.

I usually have cam cores in stock to lessen your down time (return cores within 30 days please), or on your cams. I have a 3-4 week turn-around.

     They can be used with the stock valve springs and stock ignition rev limiter, or ZX11D ignition and ZX11/ZZR1200 dual valve springs for even more power.

The fine print:

     My Yosh-Spec cams come with a one year limited warranty direct from MegaCycle Cams. The warranty is to the retail purchaser, you must call them to start the process and see if an issue is covered. See the warranty sheet that comes with every camset for the procedure.

    This warranty is void if you do not run RedLine 20W50  Motorcycle Oil from day one. You will have excellent results using RedLine to break in new motors, call me with any questions on this. Keep oil receipts, a service log, and in a new glass jar, an oil sample if you have any issues.

    Turn your idle up to 1,000-1,100 rpm. Read the spec sheets above for valve clearance specs…they are different than stock. These cams like revs, try not to idle for long periods or lugging the motor. More cam and cam oiling info can be found in Kevin Cameron’s SportBike Performance Handbook, it is an excellent read.

    The Yosh-Spec cams are not radical, but they are race cams and need to be treated as such.

    Out of warranty cams can have their lobes re-welded and re-ground for $22 a lobe (current price 3/2013)

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