KWICK’s Swingarm Bracing Service


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KWICK’s Swingarm Bracing Service

Keep it Stiff!

Swingarm Bracing really works! Plus, it looks really trick!

Six 6061-T6 aluminum tubes expertly welded into your stock swingarm. This makes a huge difference exiting turns…it gets rid of the rear-end wallow. If you drag, or street (heaven forbid) race, the bracing makes your launch straighter.

**New bracing mount points will eliminate chain slap issues**

Bracing is done on your swingarm. No finish work will be done, you will receive it as-welded with factory anodizing/paint needing to be removed before paint/powdercoating.

Send your arm bare, keep all your hardware, pivot shaft, seals, bolts…send it bare with just the needle bearings in place. Turnaround will be two to I don’t know how many weeks…the World is a bit of a mess and it is hotter than heck here.  Shipping will be via UPS, 1 to 5 day ship time depending on where you are.

PLEASE box your arm in a large enough box, and pad the heck out of it. It is really easy to damage one of these if it sticks out of the box.

Send payment with your arm, or call with Plastic 🙂

Below are pics of the 1100 and 1200 arms that have been post-weld glassbeaded and Scotchbrited (This service NOT included). 

I can ship them anywhere!

I have 1100 & 1200 swingarm cores in stock, call me for exchange info 🙂

ZRX1200 Arm pictured below unfinished. 

ZRX1200 Arm pictured below Glassbeaded and ScotchBrited, I no longer offer this service.

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