Friggin’ KWICK Valve Spring Tool


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I’ve had this idea for well over ten years. Finally, I have created the tool many have been asking for. This tool enables one to change the valve springs without removing the cylinder head and with the motor still in the bike. It works excellent with the head removed, but the possibilities are Kool!

Change to ZX11/ZZR1200 valve springs, to enable the use of a ZX11D ECU, in an afternoon without removing the header, carbs nor having to buy a head gasket.

I have produced these in both Stainless Steel and Limited Edition Titanium (Ti no longer available 🙁 ….”Why Titanium?” you might ask… Because I could, that’s why! These are cut on the WaterJet and are welded by an FAA Certified Welder.
A truly KOOL TOOL!

You will need to insert a piece of clothesline rope in each cylinder at BDC and rotate it up to hold the valves closed in that cylinder. You’ll have to have some mechanical skill to do this. A 1/4” ratchet operates the compressor.


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