LadyBird Carbon Fiber Exhaust Canister Sleeve



Replaces the Titanium sleeve on the LadyBird Cans. 300mm long, ~82mm (3.25″) inside diameter. The carbon absorbs the really high frequency “Music” and makes it a bit easier to live with. Great for replacing a damaged Ti sleeve. You’ll have to mark & drill your own holes. Comes with a blued Titanium ELS badge which you have to drill the rivet holes to mount…or not and leave it off.

Sleeve is unidirectional twill, see closeups of sleeve. (The one on my bike is a different pattern, shown for serving suggestion only) Withstands 250ºF working temp. I have run mine at 95º ambient track days with no issues.  I do not recommend using a dB Killer because of the heat it will transfer, but some have.

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Weight 2 lbs
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